Alphavic Furniture
32, rue de l'Artisan Victoriaville, Québec  G6P 7W7
Téléphone   : 819-758-3739
Télécopieur : 819-758-4881

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Great value trendy chairs

Alphavic is primarily a manufacturing company whose chairs remain our primary focus. The choice of materials, according to high criteria for residential furniture, ensures long-lasting comfort.

The legacy of over 37 years of manufacturing 100% Canadian furniture allows us to offer the widest selection of models and styles, lasting quality making great value.

The evolution over time can provide up-to-date fabric and leathers, raw textures like linen, UV resistant Sunbrella as well as on some models solid wood accents in all trend colors; we can even match your color.

Attention in manufacturing enables us to match the back, arms and seats for chairs and sitting areas.

All seats are inspected during and at the end of the production cycle for you.

Go ahead, live it up