Alphavic Furniture
32, rue de l'Artisan Victoriaville, Québec  G6P 7W7
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Living and Relaxing

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Zero gravity ergonomic chair

Furniture that can live and relax, Alphavic innovates and offers a selection of ergonomic style with ultimate comfort in zero gravity position.

These chairs allow continuous improvement of blood flow, clear the respiratory tract for better oxygenation and take the pressure off the spine. For resting, reading or TV mode, the chair will blend with any decor. We suggest a selection of full-grain leather that will add warmth and chic to your decor.

Complement your cinema area by choosing the configuration that meets your needs and your space in the style that suits you. Choose any color that makes you vibrate, without restriction on materials and textures. We offer BRISA a material like leather, soft and breathable, avoiding the inconvenience of feeling glued to the seat; resistant to stains, small animals, UV rays and is available in a choice of colors.

Go ahead, live it up