Alphavic Furniture
32, rue de l'Artisan Victoriaville, Québec  G6P 7W7
Téléphone   : 819-758-3739
Télécopieur : 819-758-4881

Living and Well-being

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Custom made furniture

We offer upholstered furniture to suit your needs, whatever your situation and challenges, mobility, age, height, work or lifestyle. We will produce custom made furniture, adjusted to your specific physiology.

We have a wide selection available of sofa/love chair sets; motion chairs, motorized lift chairs, plus a wide selection of fixed chairs. Uncompromising level of styles and color choices are available. Whether you are the traditional type or contemporary, opt for your harmonious choice.

Our foams are factory tested with a combination of density and compression characteristic of Alphavic. For heavier people, we also offer denser foams, We specialize in comfort.

Go ahead, live it up